How to Disburse TKI Insurance: Complete Requirements & Steps

Cara Pencairan Asuransi TKI: Syarat & Langkah Lengkap

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As a migrant worker, of course, there is a high risk of work. So, it is very necessary to make an insurance. If something happens, you can immediately use the insurance. How to disburse TKI insurance can also be done easily and quickly.

Before deciding to work as a migrant worker, you should make an insurance first. An insurance will definitely be needed if something happens while working. Because, not all employers are willing to bear medical expenses in the event of a work accident.

Here we will discuss how to disburse TKI insurance and also some other information that must be known. If you are curious, then see the full description below!

Requirements & How to Apply for TKI Insurance

Before entering the discussion on how to disburse TKI insurance. It is better to know in advance what are the requirements that must be met if you want to apply for insurance disbursement for a migrant worker. Here are some of the requirements that must be met:

1. Doctor’s Certificate

For the first requirement, there is a certificate from the doctor concerned. Be it the treating, examining, or advisory doctor. Usually this one requirement is the main requirement for disbursing insurance.

2. Proof of Receipt

The next requirement is that there is a proof in the form of a receipt. The type of receipt needed is a receipt for transporting the patient to the hospital. In addition, payment receipts are also needed during treatment at the hospital concerned.

3. Copy of TKI Account

If you want to disburse TKI insurance, a copy of the TKI account is also needed. You can use an account from within the country or an account abroad. Later the disbursement funds will be sent to the account.

4. Certificate

The next way to disburse TKI insurance is by using a certificate. For the certificate in question is a letter from the representative of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with where the TKI works. Usually each country has its own representative.

5. Other Documents

Not only the above requirements, to apply for TKI insurance disbursement also requires other documents. For other documents needed, such as a copy of the Employment BPJS and also a copy of a valid passport of course.

How to Disburse TKI Insurance

If you already know what the requirements are, then we will also discuss how to disburse TKI insurance correctly and also in accordance with existing procedures. Below will be given the right way to disburse TKI insurance:

1. Make an Insurance Application

For the first way, you can apply for insurance. This can be done by following the tutorial that will be explained below clearly:

  • Contact the party related to the previous insurance application.
  • After that, fill in the application form provided correctly and also accordingly.
  • Then also upload some of the required documents at the address that has been provided as well.
  • Then also make an insurance submission agreement with the relevant party.
  • Next there will be a data verification process as well.

2. Data Verification Process

If you have done the above, the insurance company will later carry out a data verification process. This is the data verification process in accordance with the procedures that must be known:

  • After applying for insurance, the insurance company will check the documents that have been uploaded.
  • If the uploaded documents are correct and complete, the insurance company will verify that the data is correct and also valid.
  • Then the insurance company will immediately send an insurance disbursement letter to the TKI.
  • If you have received the letter, the disbursement process may be carried out.
  • The next step is to fill out the letter correctly.

3. Complete Insurance Disbursement Documents

If you have received an insurance disbursement letter, you can immediately prepare some of the required documents. Here’s how to prepare the document:

  • In the insurance disbursement letter, there will be conditions and ways to make insurance claims.
  • TKI can immediately prepare all documents as a requirement so that the insurance can be disbursed.
  • The general requirements have been explained above and there can also be other requirements depending on the insurance company.
  • Send all the documents back to the insurance company.
  • If the document is approved, the insurance funds will be disbursed immediately.

4. Verification of Insurance Payment

The next way to disburse TKI insurance is to verify insurance payments. The following will provide a way to verify insurance payments correctly:

  • If the submitted documents pass, then the TKI will immediately be told to verify the insurance payment.
  • The purpose of this verification is to make sure the amount is correct or not.
  • Make sure to verify correctly and thoroughly.
  • If the amount is correct, the insurance fund will be sent to the migrant worker’s account.
  • The funds can also be used to make payments for treatment for work accidents or illnesses.

Things to Note

There are several things that must be considered in carrying out the TKI insurance disbursement process. Below will be mentioned what things need to be considered, including:

1. Learn about the Insurance Payment System

The first thing that must be considered is to learn about the existing insurance payment system. In every country, there must be a payment system that is not the same. So, you should learn the insurance payment system carefully.

2. Have an Insurance Guarantee

The second thing is to have an insurance guarantee. Before deciding to become a migrant worker, make sure you have the right insurance coverage. Also make sure that the amount of insurance can fulfill all treatment if something happens while working.

3. Use the Insurance Supervisor

When disbursing insurance, it is best to also use an insurance supervisor. The task of this supervisor is to ensure that the amount of insurance disbursed is correct or not. Because, as a layperson, of course, you do not necessarily pay attention to this.

4. Know about the Applicable Law

Every country has different insurance laws for migrant workers. So, make sure to know the applicable laws according to the country you live in. The goal is to get insurance rights in accordance with the law.

When can the insurance funds be disbursed?

Often the question arises when the TKI insurance funds can be disbursed? Of course, after applying for insurance. Usually, if all documents are complete, the funds will be disbursed immediately after 7 days of the insurance application.

Preferably, after an accident a TKI must make an insurance application. Because, if it is late, it will be considered expired. Thus, funds will be difficult to disburse or even will not come out at all.

That is how TKI insurance disbursement can be done easily and quickly. Insurance can be disbursed quickly if you have fulfilled all the conditions above. So, make sure to prepare all documents completely and correctly.

By using an insurance, the medical expenses will feel lighter. Because, of course, medical expenses abroad cannot be predicted. If you use insurance, then the life of migrant workers will be calmer and more comfortable.

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