9 Ways to Sell Online on WhatsApp

9 Cara Jualan Online Laris di WhatsApp

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Before knowing about how to sell online on WhatsApp, it would be better if we first know the features of the chat application.

According to Digital Report data, 83 percent of internet users in Indonesia are WhatsApp users.

Meanwhile, according to the databoks website, the number of monthly active WhatsApp users in the world reached two billion in 2020.

Through these data, we can know that WhatsApp is very popular in Indonesia and around the world.

This one chatting application has various interesting and useful features for the purposes of sending messages, updating status, calling, video calling, sending documents and others.

In fact, currently WhatsApp can also be used to support business or selling.

How to Sell Online on WhatsApp 2021

How to Sell Online in WhatsApp 2021

Basically, selling online on WhatsApp can be done easily and practically.

If the products you sell can attract the hearts of many consumers, then the promotions you do on Whatsapp can produce satisfying results.

Some product ideas home business capital of 50 thousand also do not rule out the possibility of becoming successful if executed properly.

However, you also need to know how to sell online so that it can sell and bring in many customers.

Here are how to sell online in WA that you need to try:

1. Collect Customer Contacts on Social Media

The first way to sell online on WhatsApp that you need to do is to collect customer contacts through social media.

Utilize social media such as Facebook and Instagram to attract as many customer contacts as possible.

This one method is very important to do because it is the first step for you to have as many contacts as possible.

First, you can start promoting or selling on Facebook and Instagram, which have more users.

If you sell on Facebook, you can market your products by updating your status and promoting in various groups.

If promoting on Instagram, you can update your Instagram feed and don’t forget to use hashtags when writing captions.

This will help consumers to find your products more easily.

Don’t forget to include your contact number on the description page so that potential buyers can contact you more easily.

2. Increase WhatsApp Contacts

The next way to sell online on WhatsApp that you can apply is to increase WhatsApp contacts.

By doing this method, you seem to be opening up new land for the growth of your online business.

Because, the more your Whatsapp contacts, the more consumers you can reach.

Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to ask for whatsapp contacts to your friends, both familiar and new ones.

In addition to making it easier to establish friendship, you can also promote and target your friends as consumers.

In fact, it is not impossible if your friends will be willing to become your resellers.

3. Create WhatsApp Groups

The next method of selling online business on WhatsApp that you can apply is to create a special group for selling.

By creating a group, you can focus more on promoting and uploading product images complete with descriptions.

Of course, you need a lot of group members so that your promotion can produce maximum results.

Take advantage of the 256-member WhatsApp group quota to fill it with potential customers.

4. Build a Reseller Team

Having many resellers spread across various cities in Indonesia can provide its own convenience for the distribution of your products.

By having many resellers, you are not only marketing your products alone, but are assisted by a solid team.

For example, if you have 50 resellers and each of them has 500 WhatsApp contacts, then indirectly you have reached 25 thousand users.

Of course, you can be more helpful in marketing your products massively.

If your product is food, apply the how to promote food in WA effectively and efficiently.

This trick is considered quite effective in bringing in new customers through the reseller network.

5. Upload Product Photos as Creatively as Possible

The style of taking pictures of a product can affect the interest of social media users to buy your product.

In a study entitled The Effect of Advertising and Brand Image on Consumer Purchase Interest (2016), it is explained that product photos or brand image can shape consumer perceptions to buy your product.

If the product image you take displays a modern and creative side, then this will make consumers believe that your product is a quality brand and worth buying.

6. Avoid Broadcast Too Often

The next way to sell online business on WhatsApp is to avoid the habit of broadcasting too often.

Even though you sell online, you must still use ethics in doing promotions for the convenience of other WhatsApp users.

Often, online sellers broadcast with very frequent time intensity.

Instead of adding customers, this can actually kill your online business because they feel disturbed.

Therefore, from now on, apply ethics in doing business by maintaining the privacy and comfort of WhatsApp users.

Broadcasting is fine, as long as it’s not too frequent to make your WhatsApp contacts feel annoyed.

Do a polite and cheerful style promotion so that the target market is interested in buying your product.

7. Write an Interesting Caption

The next way to sell online to sell on WhatsApp is by writing interesting captions.

As a seller, you need to know that captions are also one of the indicators that have an important role in supporting online business.

This is where the ability to string words is needed so that promotions can be more attractive and invite potential customers to respond to your sales.

At the very least, you need to learn copywriting techniques in order to create quality captions and be able to build product branding.

Creating captions doesn’t always have to be long and with standardized language.

Instead, you can try to write captions that are natural, informative and of course use current language to make it easier to attract attention.

By applying good copywriting techniques, your selling method will look more professional and convince consumers to buy your products.

8. Interact with Sharing

Dewa Eka Prayoga, a well-known influencer, once said that as sellers, we need to do sharing before selling. So, what does that mean?

It means that as online sellers, we should not only focus on selling products, but also be active in educating potential customers.

For example, if you sell beauty products, you can share tips on how to take care of your skin naturally on a regular basis.

Furthermore, if you sell food, provide education on why the food is important to consume and what ingredients are contained in the food.

The point is, if you are serious about pursuing an online business, you must be ready to provide useful insights related to your product.

By actively providing useful information to WhatsApp users, you can get one step closer to potential customers.

This has the potential for the online business you develop to gain the trust of many people.

9. Transparent (The best way to sell online on WhatsApp)

Why do I mention it like that? You must have experienced when shopping online in E-Commerce, the goods received do not match what is displayed in the photo.

Not because of human error, but because of the sophistication of camera technology that makes the goods become much better and more beautiful than the original.

Things like this will cause disappointment, it is certain that consumers will not buy again or repeat order.

Even worse, if consumers give a bad review of your store and spread it on social media.

This will make potential customers who will buy your product hesitant and not buy.

Thus the discussion about how to sell online on WhatsApp big profits. By implementing the step by step above, of course you can get a large turnover from selling on Whatsapp. Stay consistent in doing promotions so that you can get more customers.

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