How to Change Company BPJS to Mandiri Online

Cara Mengubah BPJS Perusahaan Ke Mandiri Secara Online

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How to change the company’s BPJS to Mandiri online which is often sought after by people when moving jobs. This happens when an employee is dismissed or resigns from the company, the BPJS automatically becomes inactive.

Generally when working for a company, employees will get two BPJS insurance, namely BPJS Employment and Health. This insurance guarantee is something that must be provided by the company for each of its employees.

Because the reason for layoffs or resignation makes BPJS from the company will stop and can not use it anymore. No need to worry, this company BPJS can be transferred to Mandiri bank both online and offline.

BPJS Company

When becoming an employee of a company, employees get BPJS insurance provided by the company. This insurance is compulsory and the company pays the monthly contribution.

The insurance is BPJS Employment which is a work security and employee protection program for workers throughout Indonesia. The purpose of this insurance is to provide welfare to employees so that they can work productively.

In this BPJS-JK there are several programs in it such as to guarantee old age, death, accidents at work, pensioners, even guarantees if you lose your job. All are provided only while the person is working as an employee of the company.

In addition to BPJS Employment, there is BPJS Health which is used to meet the needs of treatment at hospitals or health centers. BPJS Kesehatan is useful to get health facilities for free.

Both insurance will be paid routinely by the company every month as long as the employee works at the company. If the employee resigns or is terminated, the status of the two BPJS will automatically become inactive.

For those who still want to use insurance again, there is a way to change the company’s BPJS to Mandiri online that can be done easily. This will prevent your BPJS status from being deactivated by the BPJS.

Requirements to change BPJS Insurance from Company to Mandiri

Employees who have left the company in the sense that they are no longer part of the company are no longer entitled to insurance from the company. But don’t worry, employees can still use the insurance if they have been transferred.

There is a way to change the company’s BPJS to Mandiri online that can be done easily without taking much time. Before entering the method, there are document requirements that need to be completed, among others:

  • Indonesian ID card
  • KKK
  • Bank savings account book.
  • Letter stating previous employment or resignation letter.
  • Bank savings account.
  • Movement or change of membership form.
  • Autodebit approval form.

These requirements will be useful for changing BPJS membership status when coming to the BPJS office directly. However, for the online method, you must also prepare these requirements.

Perhaps if the online method is still constrained then the alternative is the offline method. For that, it is better to first complete the personal data documents such as the requirements above.

How to Change the Company’s BPJS Status to Mandiri

There are events that encourage a person to change his BPJS status from being borne by the company to being borne by himself. Changing BPJS status may be difficult but in fact there are online events that are easier and faster.

How to change the company’s BPJS to independent online can be done in several ways. Whatever the way, through this online method it can save time and be more efficient than having to visit the distant BPJS office.

1. JKN Application

The first way to change the company’s BPJS to mandiri online is through the JKN application. This application is a service to get information about the National Health Insurance or BPJS Kesehatan.

There are various features and services that can be used in this application. to change BPJS membership status can be changed through this application with the following steps:

  • Download and login with Health BPJS card number (KTP/Email).
  • So if you have not registered, you must register first through the page listed on the application along with the steps.
  • After successfully logging in, click the Change Participant Data menu.
  • Next, select the participant segment and then select the BPJS class according to your ability.
  • Press save and wait for an email to confirm the change in membership status.

2. Through Whats App

WhatsApp as the most popular social and communication media in Indonesia can also be utilized as a tool to change BPJS membership status. This is done by using the PANDAWA service or BPJS Health Administration Service via WhatsApp.

  • Open WA, click the message icon then select a new contact.
  • Type the number 08118750400 and save the number as Chika (JKN Chat Assistant).
  • Start the chat session by selecting the service you need. From the services offered, select the Change Participant Segment menu.
  • After that, the domicile of residence (province) and the branch office in the area of residence.
  • Participants will be sent a data collection form, please fill in the form fairly and honestly.
  • Participants will be sent a data collection form.
  • After filling out the form, follow the next instructions that will be given by the officer until it is completed.

The process of transferring the company BPJS to mandiri takes at least 30 days after resignation. BPJS will be active immediately if the owner of the insurance has paid the first contribution.

Because the time is quite long, therefore please take care of this transfer as soon as possible. This is so that this insurance can be used at any time.

What is certain is that this transfer is free of charge. The most important thing is that the owner of BPJS insurance must immediately pay the first contribution according to the class chosen.

Cost of BPJS Dues

How to change company BPJS to Mandiri online is important to know if the insurance is no longer covered by the company. BPJS insurance is important to continue to be activated even though it has changed obligations to be health and safety.

After successfully doing how to change the company BPJS to Mandiri online, now you can use BPJS. Because now the BPJS status is independent so the monthly contribution will be borne independently.

The holder of this monthly contribution obligation will be borne by the person who is registered to have the BPJS. The cost of this contribution will also vary depending on the class taken with costs including:

  • BPJS class 1 in the amount of Rp. 150 thousand.
  • BPJS class 2 is Rp. 100 thousand.
  • BPJS class 3 is Rp. 35 thousand.

In BPJS health, users will get various service offers such as outpatient and inpatient care and eyeglasses claims according to the results of the doctor’s examination. The BPJS also covers medical expenses for previous illnesses.

For employees who have resigned or been laid off by the company, please know how to change the company BPJS to Mandiri online. This will be useful when the insurance that has been obtained is dismissed.

As an employee of a company, employees are required to get insurance in the form of BPJS Employment and BPJS Health. The dues that are deposited regularly per month will initially be borne by the company.

If the employee has left the company, the insurance and all facilities provided will be terminated. The insurance can be transferred which can be done online by observing the conditions and contribution fees that will be paid independently.

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