How to Transfer from BSI to DANA Properly? Check out the Review

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The ease of transferring from BSI to DANA is in fact still not able to reach every community, BSI users. It’s quite unfortunate, considering that the transfer access that can be done is unlimited in time and does not take long.

Especially for people who are multitasking, transactions via m-banking and e-wallets can be very helpful. Not to mention, with those who are being chased by deadlines or tight time.

There are a number of ways you can use to transfer your BSI balance to your DANA account. But before making a transfer there are also special conditions that support the transfer process.

To find out how and the requirements, please follow the following review. It is expected to understand each word so that you can apply it immediately when needed.

BSI to DANA Transfer Requirements

Like most balance transactions, BSI to DANA balance transfer has its own requirements. With the reason for implementing the balance transfer method, here are the requirements:

  • First, those who want to transact via m-banking need to install the BSI application first.
  • Secondly, for those who want to use the method via the Bukalapak application, you must have a Bukalapak account. Where the account can only support one owner not other users.
  • The third is the availability of an adequate network because the balance transfer is done online. Lack of network access can prevent transfers from running smoothly, making transactions less efficient.
  • Fourth, make sure that the latest system updates on the application are not missed and are not constrained. The goal is to prevent any form of system disruption that could hamper the transfer process.
  • Finally, pay attention to the balance that is on the BSI and that you want to transfer not less at all. Who knows, there is an administration fee required in the balance transfer process.

The conditions mentioned can be prepared before later transacting the BSI balance to DANA. If you think you have prepared it correctly, you can choose the right way which is discussed after this review.

How to Transfer from BSI to DANA

As far as you know, there are 3 ways that can be used in the balance transaction process from BSI to DANA. For more details, see each of the 3 steps below:

1. Through Local Bank

The first way is to transfer the balance through a local bank with a payment code. A number of steps can be taken:

  • Open the BSI m-banking app. The initial stage, please open the BSI application that has been updated to the latest version so as not to complicate the balance transfer process to DANA.
  • Click the Transfer menu. Next, find the Transfer menu then click followed by pressing the Transfer to Another Bank option which is also found on the page.
  • Input password. After the Transfer to Another Bank option is pressed, a password field will appear, just fill it in according to the correct password.
  • Click on the Online Transfer option. Then continue by clicking the Online Transfer option and then select Local Bank with the destination Permata Bank.
  • Input the payment code number. Then enter the payment code obtained from the DANA account (usually 8528) followed by the DANA account phone number.
  • Input the amount of balance you want to transfer. Then enter the nominal balance, for example 50 thousand rupiah, after that click the Continue option (if you want to add information then fill in the information section).
  • and Confirmation of data. The last step is to correct the data (bank name, recipient, and balance amount) but first enter the BSI PIN password.

Balance transactions in the form of transfers using Local Banks generally have an administration fee. Where the fees charged to customers, amounting to six thousand five hundred thousand rupiah / IDR 6500.

Perhaps the fee specified for balance transfer to DANA account is a bit more compared to other e-wallet accounts. For those who find it challenging, you can try the alternatives discussed in the next point.

2. Through Bukalapak Account

The second way of transferring from BSI to DANA can be said to be an alternative in case you don’t want to use BSI’s m-banking. For more details on how to apply the method, let’s look at each step point:

  • Open the Bukalapak application. Before that, make sure that the DANA account is linked to the Bukalapak application and then you can continue the steps by entering the application page.
  • Choose Top Up DANA. The next step, press the Top Up DANA menu then fill in the nominal you want to transfer or select the nominal (maximum 500 thousand rupiah).
  • Select the Transfer to Virtual Account option. After determining the amount, click the Transfer to Virtual Account option as a form of payment method then click the Pay option (note the account number).
  • Open the BSI app. The next step is to enter the BSI application page then press the E-commerce menu, follow by entering the password, then select the Bukalapak Merchant option.
  • Input account number. In the payment field that appears, fill in the account number according to the BSI virtual account (605 plus phone number) then click Next.
  • Input BSI PIN password. Then enter the BSI PIN, followed by seeing whether the data is correct or not as a form of data confirmation.
  • and Select the Next option. If correct, the last step is to press the Next option, wait for the transaction process (marked proof of payment).

For Bukalapak itself, balance transactions between e-wallets, especially DANA, are not asked for administration fees, aka free. Moreover, it still has a quota of ten times (fee-free limit) with a minimum balance of 50 thousand rupiah.

Even if there is an administration fee, generally the most is four thousand five hundred rupiah / Rp 4500 per transaction. This is why even though it is less practical, there are quite a lot of people who use Bukalapak for DANA transfers.

3. Through Top Up Menu

The transfer from BSI to DANA version of the m-banking application cannot only be done with Local Banks. But also supported by the Top Up menu available on the BSI Mobile page, some details of the steps:

  • Open the m-banking app. As usual, customers need to open the BSI m-banking application in order to proceed.
  • Click on the Top Up menu. After opening the application, look for the Top Up menu (previously click the Purchase menu first).
  • Choose DANA. There will be various e-wallets including DANA on the Top Up page, please select DANA.
  • Input code number & balance amount. By pressing the DANA option, enter the ID code followed by filling in the amount of balance you want to transfer.
  • and Wait for the process to complete. Click the Pay option to process the payment or transfer the balance as written and wait for it to finish.

As additional information, the minimum balance in the Top Up method is 10 thousand rupiah. Meanwhile, proof of transaction can be saved (screenshots can be used) to reduce the risk that may occur due to transfer errors.

Those are 3 ways to transfer from BSI to DANA that can be chosen by each customer or BSI Mobile user. Both those that require an administration fee and those that do not with certain conditions.

Don’t forget to prepare a number of requirements such as m-banking application, Bukalapak application, network availability and balance. The goal is not to hinder the balance transfer process to DANA.

If the three methods described fail to transfer BSI to DANA, don’t worry. Can get around with one of them minimarket in collaboration with DANA.

Later at the minimarket, discuss your purpose and intentions with the minimarket clerk (top up DANA balance). After that, follow the officer’s directions until the transfer process is successful.


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