Know the BSI to BCA Transfer Fee from Various Platforms

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As with any other bank, there will definitely be a transfer fee if the transaction is from two different banks. This includes the BSI to BCA transfer fee that will be charged to BSI customers who wish to transfer to BCA Bank.

Although common, many customers may not know for sure. How much transfer fee to pay per transaction. Specifically, to Bank BCA, which is a private bank. Is there any difference with other bank networks.

If BSI Bank customers plan to transfer to BCA account. Here is more information about the transfer fee. Customers can find out the transfer fees charged from various platforms.

About BSI Bank

There may be some people who are not familiar with the name BSI Bank. It should be recognized that this is a newly established bank. However, BSI Bank itself is not a new player in the banking industry.

Bank BSI is the result of the acquisition and merger of several companies, more precisely other Islamic banks in Indonesia. These are generally state-owned banks such as Mandiri, BRI, and BNI. Of course, the services are sharia-based.

Bank BSI began officially running on February 1, 2021, all banks involved were combined and under the auspices of HIMBARA or the Association of State-Owned Banks. The majority of the bank itself is held by Bank Mandiri.

So, it’s no surprise that the bank is still officially considered part of the Mandiri Group. As the name implies, Bank BSI is a bank that runs according to sharia principles.

BSI to BCA Transfer Fee

After getting to know about Bank BSI itself, we will discuss the transfer fees next. Like other banks, BSI Bank provides various platforms for customers to make transactions easier.

Such as, through ATMs, through Mobile Banking, and various other platforms that can be an option. Each platform has different terms regarding transfer fees. Users may not be familiar with the cost information.

To make your transfer more precise, here are the details of BSI to BCA transfer fees. Especially, if you look at the platform used.

1. ATM Transfer Fee

ATMs are a widely used transaction platform in Indonesia. Moreover, Bank BSI’s ATM network is extensive and reaches all over Indonesia. Not to mention, as part of the Mandiri Group.

Bank BSI customers can make transactions through Mandiri ATMs which have a very large network in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, many customers choose this platform because of its ease of access.

If customers want to make a transfer from BSI bank to BCA, they need to enter the bank code. The bank code for BCA code of BSI Bank is 014. So, before entering the destination BCA account number.

Customers need to enter these three numbers first. After that, just enter the amount and process the transfer as usual.

BSI to BCA transfer fee if via ATM is Rp6,500 only. This rate is fixed no matter the amount to be transferred. In addition, this rate also applies regardless of whether the transaction is made at a Bank BSI ATM, Mandiri ATM, or ATM Bersama.

2. Transfer Fee through BSI Mobile

To facilitate customers’ financial transactions and activities. BSI Bank provides a service called BSI Mobile. This service is in the form of an application, where users can conduct mobile banking transactions.

There are various transactions that can be done by BSI Bank customers. Starting from bill payments, checking balances, and of course transfers to fellow BSI Banks or different banks.

Unlike at ATMs, if users want to make a transfer to BCA via BSI Mobile. No need to enter the bank code first. Users can more conveniently select a bank destination in the available options.

The BSI to BCA transfer fee is the same as the ATM transfer fee. The fee is Rp6,500. BSI Mobile also implements a notification system with SMS if customers make transactions with BSI Mobile.

If customers activate this SMS notification service. Then, there will be an additional fee of Rp500 per transaction. So, you can say that the transfer fee is Rp7,000 per transaction.

3. Net Banking Transfer Fee

Don’t want to install BSI Mobile or a specific app just to make a transaction. Relax, BSI customers can still make transactions practically through NET Banking services.

Although both rely on the internet network. However, this NET Banking service is a bit different. Because users do not rely on an application but a browser to access the official Net Banking website of BSI Bank.

For BSI to BCA transfer fee with Net Banking service is Rp6,500 only. Unlike BSI Mobile, there is no SMS notification option with Net Banking. So, users will not be charged an additional Rp500.

However, users can still view their transaction records in the notifications on their net banking account. Make sure customers’ devices are connected to the internet when accessing it.

4. Teller Transfer Fee

Although there are many platforms that make it easy for customers to make transfers. However, there are still customers who may feel safer if they transfer directly through a teller.

This method is safer for customers who may want to send a very large amount of money. Of course, because of the different banks, customers are still charged a transfer fee.

BSI to BCA transfer fee via teller is cheaper than other platforms. Only Rp2,900 for transfer through clearing. A fee of Rp25,000 for customers who wish to send funds to BCA by transferring via RTGS.

BSI to BCA Transfer Limit

In addition to the BSI to BCA transfer fee, users should also know the limit of funds that can be sent. Because, if the funds transferred by users have touched the limit. No more transfers can be made.

The transfer limit itself depends on the type of account the customer has with BSI Bank. The following is a breakdown of BSI to BCA transfer limits according to the type of account held by customers.

ATM Type Transfer Limit per Day
BSI Silver IDR10,000,000
BSI Gold IDR 20,000,000
BSI Platinum IDR 50,000,000

If the customers often make large transfers. So, it is better to choose the platinum type of ATM, so that the limit of the transaction is larger and the transaction can be done freely.

That’s the information about BSI to BCA transfer fees from various platforms. So, customers can estimate which platform is most ideal for transfers. There is no need to worry about transfer fees as transfers are made between different banks.

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