Don’t know how to transfer Neo to Shopeepay? Let’s check out the explanation!

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Neo is one of the digital wallets, unfortunately many do not know how to transfer neo to shopeepay to do. Actually, making a transfer or transaction is quite easy. But of course, this does not apply to beginners.

In addition, there are several stages or requirements that must be met before making a transaction. Especially if it makes transactions to shopeepay which is certainly different from banks in general. Therefore, users need to know how to do this.

Overview of Neo

Before discussing how to transfer, what users need to know first is about Neo. So what users need to know, that Neo is a digital wallet or e-money. Not only as a wallet, but also for transactions.

Many year-end conveniences are offered by this app that is considered a digital wallet. One of them is the ease of transactions. Because users can send funds anywhere just through a cell phone.

One of the things you can do is to send funds or balance to shopeepay. In this case, there are also several requirements that have been set by Neo itself. So to find out more details, please refer to the article until completion.

Terms and Conditions of Transfer to Shopeepay

Before making a transaction, the first step is to prepare all the requirements. Or it can also be said by fulfilling the requirements needed. So here is the full review.P

  • The first requirement is to try to use an application that has been updated or use the latest version of the application.
  • This is a requirement so that the transaction process that will be carried out later does not get any obstacles.
  • The second requirement is that your Neo account must have a balance before making transactions.
  • Then for the next requirement is that the Neo bank account used has been previously verified, otherwise the transaction may not be possible.
  • Users must also obtain a payment code that can be obtained from the shopeepay app.
  • Then also make sure that the shopeepay number that will be used as a transfer destination is still active.

How to Transfer Shopeepay Connecting Neo Bank

After knowing about the requirements needed, what will be reviewed this time is about how neo transfer to shopeepay can be done. There are two different methods that will be described this time. So that users can customize it.

1. Use the Va Payment Menu

The first method that will be described this time is to use a menu called va payment. This method will require the requirements previously described. Here are the complete steps.

  • The first step is for users to open the Neo bank app on their phone.
  • Log in using your existing account, or register if you don’t have an account at all.
  • If you have arrived at the main page, you can continue by selecting the VA payment menu.
  • The next step is that the user will be asked to enter the payment code obtained from the shopee account.
  • If it is difficult to get, then you can not shopee application, and enter the balance menu.
  • Then proceed by selecting the bank transfer method then the user can select the bank mandiri menu and confirm.
  • If so, a payment code will appear that can be used, then users can copy and paste it into Neo Bank.
  • If it has been entered, then users can continue by selecting bank mandiri according to the bank previously selected in shopee.
  • Then enter the transfer amount or money to be sent to shopeepay.
  • After that, users also need to confirm the transfer and there are several data fields that must be filled in, so they can be filled in according to the information.
  • If so, just continue the process, then you will be asked to enter the Neo bank code.
  • Make sure the 6-digit bank code is entered correctly, if so then just do the approval.
  • After that, shopeepay should have increased its balance, if not, you can refresh it first.

2. Use Top Up Method

Then for the second neo to shopeepay transfer method is to use the top up method. Of course, the method that will be described this time is different from the method described previously. Therefore, users should still pay attention to the following steps:

  • The first thing users need to do is to log in to the Neo bank application and make sure that the internet network is stable.
  • Also make sure to log in using the respective account that the user has, also make sure that the account has sufficient balance.
  • After arriving at the main page of Neo bank, you can continue by clicking the top up e-money menu.
  • After that there are several e-money that can be used as a top up destination, but of course in this way choose shopeepay.
  • After that, enter the cellphone number registered as me on Shopeepay, then just enter the amount to be sent.
  • The next step is just to click confirm payment and all the user has to do is make the payment, done.

Is there a minimum amount from Neo Bank when transferring to Shopeepay?

Users should know that there is a minimum amount of funds required to send money to shopeepay via Neo bank. So if it falls below the minimum, the transfer will not be made. So it must match or even exceed the minimum nominal target.

But even so, users need not worry. Because the minimum transfer funds targeted by Neo bank are not too large. Because the minimum transfer is about 10 thousand only. So that it is not too burdensome.

So, if the funds or amount sent is more than 10,000, the delivery will still continue. However, it is not yet known about the maximum transfer targeted by Neo bank. So users can try it out for themselves.

Is there an admin fee for transferring to Shopeepay?

After knowing how to transfer neo to shopeepay then maybe users will also ask, is there an admin fee. Of course, sometimes this admin fee is often burdensome for the sender. Especially if the amount to be transferred is small.

So, from Neo itself it is free of charge or free of charge, so users will not be burdened by admin fees. Because this way, users will be free to send money. But even though it’s free from Neo, users will be charged from shopee.

So from shopee itself will be charged an admin fee of 500 rupiah to 1500 depending on the shipping method used. However, this payment will be deducted from the balance amount sent. So the balance will be automatically reduced.

So, don’t be surprised when the balance sent is 10,000 rupiah but the incoming funds are not even or only 9,500. Because that means an admin fee is charged. So users don’t have to worry about misappropriation or anything like that.

Thus is a review of how to transfer neo to shopeepay that can be used as a reference. The two methods that can be used have been outlined above. It also explains the minimum balance and admin fees charged.


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