What are the Functions of Digital Marketing? Check out the explanation!

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You may be familiar with the word digital marketing, but do you know what digital marketing does? Digital marketing itself is one of the efforts made in the business world. Where using digital technology as a process.

There are many definitions of digital marketing expressed by experts. Therefore, this time we will review digital marketing and also about what it does. So, let’s see the full explanation below as follows.

Digital Marketing at a Glance

Digital marketing is an effort made with the aim of marketing a product or brand through the digital world. So that it can easily communicate with potential customers in the online world. Namely through various online platforms.

Meanwhile, according to Purwana et al, digital marketing is an activity carried out as a promotional step and also finds a market. Of course, the market in question is digital or online-based. It can be through social media networks or others.

According to Nadya, digital marketing is marketing that applies technology digitally.

An example of digital marketing is using electronic media. It also uses internet marketing which is later referred to as e-marketing.

Then there is also some other knowledge from digital marketing experts. But almost all of them lead to the same thing. The types of media that can be used as a step of digital marketing are very diverse.

Functions of Digital Marketing

After knowing about the understanding of digital marketing, then the discussion this time is about the functions of digital marketing that can be used as a reference. Because the functions and benefits of digital marketing are quite diverse. So it is worthy of discussion.

1. Helps in the Effort to Increase Sales

One of the functions of digital marketing is to help increase sales. It is even said that for some companies, sales increased by up to 2.8%. Of course, it’s better before digital marketing.

This is because by using digital marketing, there will be more about the products offered. Especially if the strategy is appropriate and correct. Then it is possible that sales will increase.

2. Reach a Broader Market

In addition to increasing sales results, digital marketing will also expand the market in marketing. This is because digital marketing is online-based. So that anyone and anywhere in the world can recognize with certainty.

This way, the product or brand offered is not only accessible in the immediate area. But it can also be seen by other regions. So most likely, it will get many new customers.

Many potential customers will also look at a service or product before buying it. So this digital marketing effort is very suitable. In fact, it is said that up to 80% of potential customers do this.

3. Save on Promotion Costs

Not only as an effort to market products or introduce products in a wide audience, but another function of digital marketing is to save costs. Of course it will be very suitable for newly established businesses. So there is no need to prepare large funds.

Because of course the costs involved in digital marketing are very minimal compared to the costs required in conventional promotions. Such as using billboards, brochures or advertisements on radio and television. So it is worth taking into consideration.

4. As a Good Means of Connecting with Potential Customers

Then the next benefit that will also be obtained from using digital marketing in business is as a good liaison. Although sometimes many are unknown. But at least digital can build communication with potential customers.

In addition, building a good rapport with potential customers is also a good thing that should not be missed. Because this way potential customers will feel more confident with the offer given. So it is possible to use it.

5. Helps Compete with Some Big Companies

Another benefit of doing digital marketing is being able to compete with big companies. In the past, it might have been very difficult for a start-up company to compete with big companies. But not now.

If the digital marketing that is continued is appropriate and right on target, then it is not impossible if the brand can finally compete with products from large corporate brands. It is even possible to be in the same position. So as to get satisfactory results.

This digital marketing can be done from several platforms at once and is not inferior to digital marketing from large companies. As said earlier, digital marketing is cheap. So that its efforts can be further maximized.

6. Make it Easy to Analyze Changes to the Business

The last benefit that will be described this time regarding the use of digital marketing is that it makes it easier to analyze business changes. It’s important to be aware of these business changes. The problem is that not all can quickly analyze.

But with this digital marketing, it will be easier to analyze. Even with digital marketing, information like this will be easier to obtain. This will simplify the analysis process.

Stages in a Digital Marketing Strategy

After knowing about the benefits or functions of digital marketing, this time we will discuss the stages in the digital marketing strategy. Because to achieve the desired goal, everything needs to be calculated. Here is the full review:

  • The first step in implementing digital marketing is to conduct a situation analysis.
  • If so, then you can proceed with strategic planning.
  • Then determine the goals or objectives of what you want to achieve.
  • Then also determine the implementation plan and prepare the necessary budget.
  • Then the last stage is about the Evaluation Plan or also said to be an evaluation plan.

Dimensions for Digital Marketing

Then in the digital marketing process, a dimension is also needed or as a place to do digital marketing. The types of dimensions that can be used are very diverse and also with different funds. So let’s take a look at the breakdown.

  • The first dimension that can be used in the digital mau process is a website, this dimension is very common and used.
  • Then the second is by optimizing search engines using SEO and this is still related to the Website.
  • Through PPC advertising that requires marketers to purchase a certain service.
  • You can also use online public relations or online PR through artist syndication blogs or RSS and so on.
  • You can also use the social network stone often referred to as social network which is currently very diverse.
  • The next dimension that can be used is e-mail marketing or email marketing and also through using consumer relations.

Thus is the explanation related to the function of digital marketing that can be used as a reference. It has also been explained about the stages in implementing a digital marketing strategy.

There are also several dimensions that can be used to carry out digital marketing efforts.


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