How to pay Indomaret using Shopeepay and its benefits

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How to pay Indomaret using Shopeepay makes transactions, in one of these market networks even easier. Because shoppers don’t need to carry cash anymore and think about change or fitting money.

All you have to do is scanning, and the payment will be automatically deducted from your ShopeePay balance. Through the collaboration between Indomaret and ShopeePay, this practical payment can be realized for buyers.

Although paying with this payment method is very easy. Admittedly, there are still many people who are not familiar with how to do this. Therefore, the following will discuss payment at Indomaret with ShopeePay.

How to pay Indomaret using ShopeePay

As part of today’s payment tools, ShopeePay is indeed expanding its access for all people. Not only for shopping on the Shopee app.

But also, for shopping at Indomaret and various other merchants. The ways that can be done include:

1. Pay Indomaret using ShopeePay through Cashier

The first way to pay Indomaret using ShopeePay is through the cashier. This method is ideal for buyers who want to pay with ShopeePay. However, it is not familiar with how.

Indomaret staff will assist the buyer to arrange payment. So, the process is faster and smoother. Here are the steps that can be taken:

  • Select the product to be purchased on the Indomaret product shelf. Also take advantage of ShopeePay payment promo alerts to get special benefits.
  • After all the items you want to buy have been picked up. Take the groceries to the cashier, and wait in line to pay.
  • Also, make sure you have enough ShopeePay balance to pay for the purchases that have been taken. If it is not enough, it is better to increase the balance by topping up first.
  • Wait until all items have been scanned by Indomaret employees.
  • Then, when it’s time to pay, tell the cashier in advance that the shoppers want to pay using ShopeePay.
  • Open the Shopee app and enter the ShopeePay menu.
  • Open the pay code specifically for non-cash payments.
  • If the buyer has difficulty finding the payment code, they can ask the cashier to help them find it on the app display.
  • The pay code will be in the form of a barcode that can be scanned.
  • The cashier will scan the pay barcode that has been opened.
  • If the barcode is successfully scanned, the ShopeePay balance will be automatically deducted according to the amount of shopping.
  • Afterward, customers will receive a receipt from the cashier.
  • The receipt is proof that the transaction has been successful.

If the buyers are not familiar with non-cash transactions, especially by using the ShopeePay method. Payment in bed is the right choice. Because buyers can get direct assistance from Indomaret employees.

2. Pay Indomaret using ShopeePay via QRIS

If the buyer is familiar with non-cash payment methods. Instead of making payments through the cashier. It is faster to make payments through QRIS. QRIS is a payment code that has been standardized by BI.

This method has been implemented throughout Indonesia. That way, the industry as a whole can more easily make non-cash payments. Payment with QRIS is also easier.

This is because buyers don’t need to open the payment code. Just scan the code that has been provided at the cashier. So, users can make payments faster. Here are the payment steps that can be taken.

  • First, shop first at Indomaret, taking the items you want to buy. Look for the ShopeePay special sign. So, buyers can get special discounts.
  • Make sure all the items you need are taken. So, shoppers don’t queue twice to make payments later.
  • Wait for the cashier to finish scanning all the groceries that have been taken.
  • After the shopping total appears, tell the cashier that the buyer will pay with the ShopeePay payment method.
  • Also inform the buyers that they will make payments by scanning the QRIS code.
  • The cashier will give the QRIS code to the buyer that can be scanned.
  • Open the Shopee app and open the QRIS scan feature in the ShopeePay option.
  • Scan the QRIS code that has been given by the employees.
  • After that, match the amount listed on the application if it matches the amount of groceries purchased.
  • If appropriate, press the ‘Continue’ button on the display.
  • If there is a payment voucher from ShopeePay, you can activate it first to get special discounts and benefits.
  • Enter ShopeePay code or scan fingerprint for confirmation.
  • After that, the payment will be entered into the Indomaret system.
  • Shoppers will receive a receipt as proof of payment.
  • Notifications about successful payments will also appear in the app.

With that, the payment has been successfully made. This method is relatively faster, as there is no need to open a new pay code. Just scan and make the payment.

Minimum Purchase with ShopeePay Payment

Before discussing how to pay Indomaret using ShopeePay. Buyers must first know the minimum purchase at Indomaret. If shoppers want to pay for their purchases with ShopeePay.

ShopeePay has indeed implemented a minimum purchase of IDR 50,000. If shoppers want to buy and pay for groceries at Indomaret. So, if the buyers make payments below the nominal amount of Rp50,000.

Payment using ShopeePay is not yet possible. If the payment is less than IDR 50,000. It is better to use cash or other non-cash payment methods.

This minimum purchase only applies to payment methods with a payment code. If you make a ShopeePay payment with QRIS. Therefore, there is no minimum spend.

There are no other conditions of payment with ShopeePay. ShopeePay users do not need to upgrade their ShopeePay account to ShopeePay premium. Because even regular or standard ShopeePay can make this payment.

The most important thing is that the balance to pay is sufficient. Therefore, this payment method cannot be combined with other payment methods.

Advantages of Making Payments Using ShopeePay

How to pay Indomaret using ShopeePay can also provide benefits to buyers. As mentioned earlier, there will be discounts or special offers by using this payment method.

Discounts like this are being increased. To increase shoppers’ interest in non-cash payments. That way, it can advance the field of electronic payments in Indonesia.

In addition to discount benefits, users can also get special vouchers obtained from transactions using ShopeePay. This voucher can make shoppers save more money if they want to shop through the Shopee app.

Usually, there will be a special sign on products that get discounts from ShopeePay. So, shoppers can shop more economically.

By paying Indomaret with ShopeePay, buyers have more payment options. Get various benefits and easy access to payments. Therefore, there is no harm in switching to this payment method.

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