How to Sell on Shopee Food to Get Your Products More Popular

Cara Jualan Di Shopee Food

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For those who are starting to open a food business, there is nothing wrong with practicing how to sell on shopee food so that sales are better. Shopee food itself has only been launched for a few years. So that the partners are not as many as other platforms.

Therefore, for novice business people there is still an open opportunity to succeed there. But of course there are various requirements needed as a registration step.

Even so, the requirements are not too complicated.  So if you really want to partner with Shopee food, then this time we will review the ways that can be done. So that users must also pay attention to some of the necessary requirements. Immediately see the explanation, below:

Shopee Food at a Glance

Before discussing how to sell food at Shopee food, first know about Shopee food. Where Shopee food is the latest feature from Shopee. Many ready-to-eat foods are offered in it.

Just like the parent application, Shopee, Shopee food also opens partnerships. So food business people can sell menus in nature. Or another term is to become a partner.  If you succeed in becoming a Shopee food merchant, it is not impossible that the food Romo you have will have many customers. Although the system used later is online purchases.

But at least it will get a lot of new customers.  However, by becoming a partner of Shopee food, in other words, you must comply with all the regulations set by Shopee, such as one of which is a commission cut. This commission cut is 20% per one food sold.

Requirements Needed to Sell on Shopee

As mentioned, to be able to sell at Shopee food, you must prepare all the requirements set. This way how to sell in shopee food that will be done can be successful. Here is the full review.

1. Requirements for Individual or Individual Businesses

So in Shopee food itself divides two types of businesses, one of which is individual businesses or individuals. So these are businesses that are just starting out or still not big. Here are the requirements:

  • The first requirement is an identification card, or in the form of a KTP but can also use a KITAS.
  • Then for the second requirement is the NPWPD letter.
  • Business owners who want to register their business in Shopee food must also prepare files in the form of SPPKP or which is a taxable entrepreneur confirmation letter.
  • The last requirement is a photo of a passbook, of course a personal passbook.

2. Requirements for businesses that are already registered with a legal entity

If the one who will register is a PT or a business that has been registered with a legal entity, then the requirements are slightly different. There are also more documents or files that must be prepared. So let’s look at some of the requirements.

  • The first is in the form of an identity card in the form of a KTP or Kitas.
  • In addition, business owners must also prepare a file in the form of an NPWP.
  • Then also prepare a SIUP or if you don’t have one, you can prepare a TDUP.
  • Then also complete the TDP or can also use NB.
  • Because this is a business that has been registered with a legal entity, also prepare a business deed of establishment.
  • The next requirements are a certificate of domicile at that time and also a photo of the passbook.

How to Sell on Shopee Food

After knowing what are the requirements to be able to sell at Shopee food, we will immediately discuss the next point. Namely about how to sell in Shopee food that users can do. Therefore, keep referring to the review until it’s finished.

  • First, users can start by logging in to the registration site, if you don’t know then you can directly visit
  • On that page, you will be directed to download the Shopee partner app.
  • If the application has been installed, then the next step is to register or create an account.
  • Furthermore, users can enter the registration menu then specify the type of business they want to register on the available page.
  • At this stage, several documents will be requested as registration requirements as previously mentioned.
  • If the business is a PT or CV, then just fill in the page listed.
  • However, if the business is an individual business then you can click start activation, if so click submit.
  • When all is said and done, the next step is to organize the location and business details.
  • But before that, users must also make sure that the current domicile is still included in the operating area of Shopee food.
  • If the location is affordable, then you can provide information about Sepri’s business details, opening hours, closing hours and so on.
  • If everything is done, then the next step is to wait for verification, at this stage it may take about 1 to 5 working days.
  • To check, you can do so through the email included or you can also go through the Shopee partner app.
  • If it has been verified, then just post the menu you want to trade.
  • At this stage of the post, there will be some menu writing requirements that must match the standards of Shopee.
  • If all processes have been completed, and the menu has been successfully posted, then just wait for someone to order it.

What are the benefits of partnering with Shopee Food?

It has been mentioned about how to sell in shopee food that can be done in the previous discussion. So in this discussion, we will discuss the benefits of partnering with Shopee food. The following is a review of some of the benefits.

1. Can Reach New Customers

With the popularity of Shopee, it is certainly not impossible that new customers will be more and more interested. It is also not impossible if you will get loyal customers later.

Of course, nowadays there are also many who choose food delivery.  The important part is that users must continue to promote. Because after doing the method mentioned above, it does not mean that you can immediately escape responsibility.  But do the promotion.

2. Directly Integrated with Applications

The second advantage of partnering with Shopee food is that the business will be directly integrated with Shopee. Shopee itself is one of the most popular applications.

So the market reach will be wider.  Not only that, the payment system used is through Shopeepay. So that payments like this are classified as very safe. So later it can be disbursed through this Shopeepay.

3. Inclusive

The next advantage that can be an advantage is inclusiveness. Shopee food itself can accept merchant registrations from various groups.

So that not only registered businesses, but street vendors can also participate. This way, businesses that are just starting out don’t need to hesitate to register. But of course you have to know about the system used by Shopee.

That there will be a 20% discount for each menu sold.  Thus is a review of how to sell in shopee food that users can try to practice.  The most important thing in this way is to complete all the requirements that have been mentioned. Then there is a high probability that the registered business will be approved by Shopee.

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