3 Ways to Create Ads on Facebook (Paid and Free)

Cara Membuat Iklan di Facebook

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Digital marketing is very necessary to develop a business, for example by creating ads on Facebook that can be used as a solution. Doing ads on social media platforms is indeed a good step. Of course it will help curious.

The use of social media as a promotional medium is also said to be more cost-effective. In addition, digital marketing like this also reaches more new customers. So that makes advertising like this must be done more intensively.

There will be two types of ways that will be done in this discussion. Namely ads that can be used or created for free, and also paid ads. So it would be nice if you listen to the review until completion.

How to Create Facebook Ads

The first discussion and also the discussion on this occasion is about how to create Facebook ads. As has been said before, that there will be two different types of ways. Namely paid ads and free ads.

1. Create Automatic Ads

In the first order, the method that will be described in making this ad is how to create automatic ads. In this ad, of course, the reach that will be obtained is greater. But you can still adjust your budget.

  • The first step and also an important step in this case is to open a Facebook account that the user has.
  • In this process, users do not have to have Facebook ads, but can also use a regular Facebook account, because later it will be reset.
  • On the Facebook main page that appears, you can try clicking the icon with a speaker or like a sound amplifier.
  • If you don’t find it at the top of the main page, you can try to go to the profile photo and then look for a similar menu on the page that appears.
  • After that, users can select the start menu with automatic ads, and just continue by clicking the start menu.
  • If you have reached the next page, then users can provide business details and also target customers.
  • The process of providing this data can be done slowly because Facebook will request this data through a quiz that must be filled in.
  • At the end of each quiz or question that appears, users can click continue, do this continuously until the option to choose your plan appears.
  • If so, then you can continue by completing the details of the automatic ad that will be installed.
  • The data that will be requested in providing these details is starting from the ad material, which includes the image, title to the ad text that will be installed.
  • Some other data will also be requested, such as viewers who will be targeted for promotion, there is also a budget of funds prepared for each day.
  • Next, you can choose a payment method, if so, then you can click start the plan.
  • Also keep in mind, that in this ad there is no specified end date, but users can pause the ad or delete this automatic ad.

2. Use Facebook Ads for Advertising Ads

The next way to create ads on Facebook is to create ads with Facebook ads. The function of this ad is almost the same as the previous ad. Also of course this ad also costs money.

  • In the first order that users must do is to create a page on Facebook first.
  • Users can complete the data needed in creating a Facebook ads page this time.
  • If so, then you can continue by entering the Facebook ads manager page then logging in using your account.
  • Next create an ad campaign, at this stage of creating an ad campaign there are three basic flows.
  • The first three basic flows are campaigns or what is also referred to as campaigns with one-way and specific goals.
  • Then the second flow is in the form of ad sets or ad sets, for example for set one specifically for Jogja, and set 2 for the people of Semarang.
  • The third flow is Ad where in this flow is to determine different images, text, links in each advertisement.
  • In the three flows that have been mentioned, users may be asked to enter some data related to ad planning, so make sure to fill it in carefully.
  • After everything is set, then the next step is to make an ad payment, because otherwise the ad will not be displayed.
  • If the ad payment has been successful, then the ads will begin to be served according to the data that has been adjusted.

3. How to Create Ads Through Marketplace

If the previous two ways to create ads on Facebook are ads with a paid system, then it is different from the third way this time. Because in this way, users do not need to spend advertising funds at all. However, the reach is not too wide.

  • First, users can log in to the Facebook account that users have, if so, they can enter applications.
  • If you have reached the next page, then you can continue by clicking the find more menu.
  • After that, type Marketplace in the search box provided and continue by clicking enter.
  • If the search results have appeared, then you can continue by clicking the Marketplace menu that appears.
  • Next, click go to application, then just determine the ad target to be installed by clicking the location setting menu.
  • Then determine the purpose of the ad, if you want to offer goods or services then you can click the sell it menu or specify according to the destination.
  • Enter the type of goods or services you want to offer, then click post, practice filling in the details of the product or service offered.
  • On the terms of use menu click check, then click submit, if a notification appears from Facebook regarding pending listings or verification, then you can click continue.
  • Next, write the description that will be used on the home page, then just click publish, done.

Creating ads on Facebook, what are the benefits?

Previously described as how to create ads on Facebook, users must also know about the benefits that will be obtained.

Although the three ways that have been described provide their respective benefits. But the advantages of paid advertising are more.

  • The first advantage offered when promoting or creating ads on Facebook is more effective targeting.
  • Targeting potential customers will be wider than advertising offline using billboards or the like.
  • Because in this way, all of Indonesia and even the whole world can see the offers or advertisements that users make.
  • Then the next advantage that will be obtained is in the form of advanced analysis, because there is data on the results of the advertisements that are displayed.
  • The next advantage is that it can increase brand awareness, because there will be many targets who visit the page that users create.
  • Not only that, making ads on Facebook can also adjust to the funds you have.

Thus is a review of three ways to create ads on Facebook that can be used as a reference. Just use the method that is in accordance with the objectives or ease of practice. Or it is also possible to use three methods at the same time.

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