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When transacting at the bank, users will be asked to include a special code that each bank has. The bank code is commonly referred to as the bank reference number, which is important for all users to know. Each bank’s reference code is created differently like the identity of a resident. Since there are so many banks in Indonesia, this can actually be difficult if users lack knowledge.

What is a Bank Reference Number?

The term bank reference number is most often encountered by users when going to make a transaction in banking. Activities that usually require this number, for example, are when sending funds to other banks. Generally, this code consists of a 3-digit number that has certain rules according to government policies.

This number must be entered during the transaction right before the account number is entered.  The term “reference number” is clearly related to a word, namely reference, which linguistically means reference or reference. Based on the meaning of the word, it is known that its function is as follows:

  • As a code to identify or recognize the name of a particular bank.
  • The number can also be used to check whether a transfer has been successfully received or not.
  • Provides clues regarding the description of the final destination of the transaction.
  • In the event of a payment transaction, the number can be used as official evidence and as a customer sequence number.

The reference number at the bank can also be interpreted as a certificate that is deliberately made by the maker. The purpose of making it, namely to show the place of banking activities that have been carried out.

Difference between Bank Reference Number and Customer Reference

This number, which is also an identity, is also owned by users of banking services. The usefulness of the customer reference number is also to distinguish the transaction activities carried out. If in banks, generally using a code of three numbers combined as a form of identification. Then, the special reference number for customers is not absolute, depending on who makes the transaction, the difference between the two is:

  • The bank’s reference number is a code that is not self-invented, while the customer’s is self-invented and has no absolute rules for the customer.
  • Bank identification is owned by all types of banks in Indonesia, but this customer identification only applies to users of various banking services at BRI.
  • The main function of the bank code is to identify the intended bank, while for customers it is to protect them when suddenly experiencing transaction problems.

This reference code is usually added when intending to make transactions, for example buying certain services and products. When a problem occurs in the transaction, the code serves to help the bank.

After knowing the definition and function, some users usually ask what if the code is not included, what happens?

This question is related to curiosity, about how important the discussed number code is. Actually, because the two reference codes have quite different functions, the urgency or importance and consequences are also different.

Generally, if the user of a bank facility does not include the bank reference when he/she wants to make a transaction, then the stage will be stopped.

How to check reference number

It is known that it is important for users to know the reference number of the bank they want to go to in banking activities. By knowing and memorizing the bank code in question, of course the transaction will be more efficient.

If users want to know the bank code, for example BCA bank, users can do several relatively easy ways. When you know it is important for users to memorize and remember it well. Here are some ways:

1. Check Reference Through BCA Mobile

BCA’s reference number is the same as other banks, which will be used to identify transactions both through ATMs and others. Facilities for transfer transactions other than ATMs at BCA bank are also through a platform called BCA Mobile.

  • Open the BCA application platform mentioned above using your smartphone.
  • Then click the m-BCA menu to access it then enter the access code in the column displayed.
  • After that, press the button designated for login then proceed to select the m-transfer option then scroll down until you find the Inbox menu, click on the menu.
  • Then all activity or transaction history will appear in detail, select one of the history to see the reference number.

2. Check Reference Number Via KlikBCA

In addition to the above, the code reference when transferring can also be checked using the KlikBCA platform. This method is almost similar to m Banking, that is, you must have done the activity first before you can see the reference number.

  • Log in to the KlikBCA dedicated site via personal smartphone.
  • Login with your ID as usual.
  • After that on the next page, just click on the special option of the History menu, located on the left side of the phone screen.
  • Select the period to be checked by setting the period date option and then click the transfer option on the side right in the transaction type column.
  • Some history will be displayed in this view and tap the link on the left side and look at the reference code in the details.

List of Bank Reference Numbers

The importance of reference numbers in smooth transactions can result in failed transactions if the wrong reference is entered. Although the reference number has been made different for each bank, mistakes can still occur.

Actually, the platform machine that is commonly used for financial transactions also provides a list of code numbers. To see it, of course, you have to press several commands in sequence, which is obviously a little inconvenient.

If it turns out that the queue at the platform is busy and in a hurry, if the code is known, it will be more practical. In addition to checking via special platforms and platform machines, the code can also be checked in the following list:

Bank Name Code
CIMB Niaga 022
Muamalat 147
BTPN Syariah 547
BSM 451
Gems 013
Maybank 016
Bank Mega 426
Sinarmas 153
Bukopin 441
Citibank 031

The list is not complete, so if the bank you are interested in is not available, you can check other searches. Because there are so many banks in this country, code entry errors are quite prone to occur.

When you press the wrong reference number combination, an error will appear on the transaction screen. If the combination error turns out to refer to another bank code, the transaction will error when the account is not suitable.

What happens next is that you will be asked to repeat the transaction, if through the platform usually the card will automatically come out. This will certainly increase the transaction time which is longer than it should be, so as not to happen, consider the following tips:

  • Always check the bank code before making a transaction, if necessary write down the code.
  • Pay attention to whether the code you have is in accordance with the intended bank, this is important considering that bank destinations usually change as needed.
  • Conduct transactions carefully and make it a habit to always double-check.
  • Not doing the activity in a hurry.


This is a complete explanation of the bank reference number that turns out to be important in shipping transactions between two banks. Always being thorough is the key to being efficient in all financial activities.

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